Mint Madness

Mint seems to be a hit color for Spring so I am glad I picked up these pants at the end of last year. The only down side to mint clothing is the same as white clothing, it shows stains easily. During my car trouble days I was looking under the hood and suddenly my pants had black smudges all over. So I want to give my fellow fashionable mint wearers a few stain remover tips. I know there are some crazy remedies out there but I have used these and they worked for me:

Underneath-the-hood-of-your-car grease- Shout Wipe or Shout Stain Spray

French fries grease- Soak in dawn dish soap, launder normally

Blood- Peroxide

Make-up (not lipstick)- Soak in regular laundry detergent, Scrub!

Chewing gum- Rubbing alcohol

Lipstick- Soak in dawn dish soap, then blot clean with shout wipe

I wish you luck in your mint clothing this Spring 🙂


Wendys lookbook mint jeans pink topper Pastel jeans www

{photocredit: @wendyslookbook} {photo credit: whowhatwhere.com}

Outfit Description:

Mint Denim (revisited)- Ann Taylor, Blouse- Express, Pink Topper- Mixit, Booties (revisited)- Ann Taylor, Necklace- my creation