Charm  School 101

Charm is something I pull out in appropriate situations. If used correctly, the person it is applied to cannot detect it; and goals get accomplished effortlessly. Charm can be defined as “the power of pleasing” by dictionary.com. Charm is often confused with manipulation or seduction; I like to think of it as extreme sweetness. Charm is what you use to get a job promotion, to get a discount on your auto repair or in my case get into the college of my choice. I like to think of charm as a full package service, and while charm is hard to teach; I can help you with how to dress! In every woman’s closet there should be a black blazer with an interesting interior lining and a strand of pearls, genuine preferably. This is your show-up-and-get-things-done wardrobe. When someone tells me something cannot be done and the goal seems impossible- I go to these staples in my closet. The power is in the details: pull your hair up in the most complimented style, roll up the ends of your sleeves once and match your blouse to the sleeve lining, wear color to add some fun to the suit jacket and don’t forget to smile continuously! Lastly follow the old adage “If at first you do not succeed: Try, try again”

My photos today were taken on the campus of Cal-State Fullerton after a brief meeting with the director of admissions who graciously grated me entrance to the university for Fall 2013.

Inspiration: Pearls and Stripes 

Pearls and Stripes well living blog

{photo credit: http://well-livingblog.com}

Outfit Description 

Black Blazer – traded with best friend, Stripe top- Ann Taylor, Pearls (revisited)- Kholes, Denim Crop- Ann Taylor, Flats- Ann Taylor