Going Green and Gold

Cute and comfortable are always the criteria I dress to meet when I travel. Today I used my new laptop bag as the focal point of my outfit. (I did not purchase any of the bags I was considering on my blog post; instead I went to the outlet mall and purchased a gold tote at a much cheaper price). Gold is quickly becoming my favorite color. I am so glad metallic colors are not limited to only the holiday season anymore!  I can wear my gold watch and computer bag year round, now that’s thrifty! My travels took me all over the country and I was able to catch up with many friends in family all in on day! I started with breakfast with my bestie in the middle of West Texas, flew to lunch with my brother in Houston, TX, stopped for coffee in El Paso, TX, and ended with mother’s day dinner with my boyfriend’s family in Los Angeles, CA. And I spent the day all in one outfit! Going green while wearing green 🙂

Inspiration: Green and Gold

Green and Gold Atlantic to pacific

{photo credit: http://atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com}

Outfit Description: 

Tee (revisited)- Ann Taylor, Crop Pants- Gap, Necklace- Trendz Boutique, Purse- Kate Spade,  Computer Tote- Kenneth Cole, Boat Shoes (revisited)- White Mountain




honey bee 2

These Winter Days

As it goes during these winter days, the flu is spreading. I caught the bug and have been out of commission for a few days. It was difficult to be fashionable while curled up on the floor with body aches. Today was the breakthrough– my fever lifted and I finally felt able to wear more than a bathrobe. During one of my delusional NyQuil induced naps I had a dream that I was shopping again. It was marvelous! Until I went to the register with arms loaded to purchase; I saw obscure faces (my blog followers I presume) they were there persuading me to put away the clothes and scarves and leave behind the cuffs and bangles. Technically, if I shop in my dreams it does not count– but you will all be happy to know I did as instructed and walked out of the dream boutique empty handed. Today, I used my bright outfit to hit the streets again strong, SOS style.

honey bee 1

Inspiration: Atlantic and Pacific Blog

fneon 030

{Photo Credit: http://atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com}                          

My Outfit Description

Yellow Denim (revisited)- The Limited, Stripe Sweater- Ann Taylor, Blazer- Ann Taylor, Booties- Recycled from Roomie, Hairbow- Forever 21