Shopping for a Bag

On a break from work I went on a stroll through the mall. (Never a great idea for a recovering shopaholic) I stocked up on See’s candy instead of clothes or shoes. However, I was hunting for something. I am in need of a professional looking computer bag. I have two internships and hopefully a design job lined up and I want to carry my laptop in a better looking sack than my rainbow Jansport backpack (albeit it’s wild and fun, professional doesn’t quite describe it). I spent much time looking and pondering bags.

Do you imagine yourself wearing an item to see if it fits your personality? I do! These shopping sessions tend to get me so invested in the item- I begin to think I can not live without it. So instead of buying a dozen bags and ending up with shopper’s remorse, I got a picture of three of the contenders and want your help! Let me know which one fits a design school graduate and my personal style!

Baby Bag Stitched Patent Tote

Coach Baby Bag- Black Embossed

Kate spade bag

Kate Spade- Pink and Black Tote

Cole Hann

Cole Haan -Purple Tote

Feel free to comment below! Thank you 🙂




Ann Taylor Girl

Today was a work and school day. I opened up shop at Ann Taylor this morning and ran to class afterward to review my project with my professor. I have a tendency to wear only Ann Taylor or LOFT clothing to work since my wardrobe is 50% AT product. This is so evident that some of my friends have begun to call me Ann Taylor. If there ever was an Ann Taylor, I’d like to think we’d be good friends. In class today I am designing a men’s collection but my professor seems unimpressed with my work. Designing and sketching are not my favorite parts of the program but I realize if I am to be offered the design job at Unlimited Designs I will quickly need to learn to love hand and computer sketching. I had a friend snap a photo of me inside the campus with a student project display and then on the 4th floor patio at school in the beautiful sunshine overlooking South Hope Park.

Inspiration- Ann Taylor   

Just call me Ann Taylor!

Inspiration AT AT Pant

{photo credit: http://anntaylor.com}

My Outfit Description

Capri Pant- Ann Taylor Loft, Top- Ann Taylor, Jacket- Ann Taylor, Scarf- Ann Taylor, Earrings- Ann Taylor, Boating Shoes- Steve Madden




A Dream Renewed

You are looking at the newest edition to the Unlimited Design team. We are starting a new brand! I think I got hired to do creative design and marketing for the brand- oh and come up with a brand identity and name. I am confused about the job specifics because 1. The job doesn’t start until I finish school (in less than 45 days!) 2. My head is spinning from the 7 pages of notes I took in our 6 hour one-on-one planning meeting. Aside from being overwhelmed, I am ecstatic at the prospects of this opportunity! I wore black slacks, a black top and a pink jacket- black and pink are my forgotten favorites. Similarly, creative design was a life goal that I gave up on a few years ago. It seems God had different plans for me; I will be looking to Him for direction and lots and lots of creativity in the next months.

Inspiration- Donna Karen 2013

DKNY R 13 pink and black

All Black with a pink jacket

{photo credit: http://style.com}

My Outfit Description

Slacks- Ann Taylor Loft, Top- Ann Taylor, Watermelon Blazer (revisited)- Ann Taylor, Sparkle flats- JustFab.com, Scarf (revisited)- Express, Earrings- Ann Taylor Necklace- Macy’s for Adam Levine




Stranded at the Mall

Today was all about tow trucks and new accessories. My car wouldn’t start this morning and thus again my agenda was thrown off by the status of my transportation. Thankfully my insurance covers the towing; so while the clunker was being worked on at the shop I was stuck at the mall. I was dressed in a spotted skirt, black sweater and booties. It was hard not to shop during the long hours, but I managed only to purchase food and some magazines. Without shopping I was able to get two new accessories! I TRADED some clothes and bracelets to get the booties I am wearing. And I received a FREE cuff from BCBGeneration; they were having a ‘True Love’ braclet giveaway for their Facebook friends. Good things come to those who don’t shop! The car just needed a valve replacement and it was an easy fix- so tomorrow I will be back to my regularly scheduled madness. 🙂



Inspiration- Pinterest Style    


{photo credit: http:// pinterest.com/ebreitlow.com}

My Outfit Description

Skirt- BCBGeneration, Sweater- Dana Buchman , Cuffs- BCBGeneration, Booties- Ann Taylor, Tights- JCPenny, Rosary (revisted)- Forever 21



Adam 3

Interview / Rockstar Style

Today has been the most interesting day of 2013!! I began the day in this green cheetah dress, pink tights, pink pearls, black pumps and a blazer. I had an interview for a new internship that may turn into a job opportunity. On the way to the interview I noticed my car was being followed by some shady characters. The interview was in Vernon, CA, an industrial area. I had horror film scenes flashing through my mind. I began weaving through the streets and finally lost them before I reached the design studio I was interviewing at. The interview was fantastic and I don’t think she noticed how rattled I was from the crazy car chase. This evening I headed over to Macy’s in Century City to catch a photo with Adam Levine at his new fragrance launch. For the event, I changed into a pleather vest and my combat booties with the same green dress and tights. I missed his appearance, but I did snap a photo on the black carpet with his fragrances. 

Inspiration- Style Sight  Trend Forecast Spring 2013

Colored Cheetah Print is all the rage

s 13 Subnation color leopard

{photo credit: http://stylesight.com}

My Outfit Description

Dress- Ann Taylor, Pleather Vest (revisited)- Express, Combat Booties (revisited)- Arizona Jeans, Cultured Pearls- Kholes, Pink tights- JCPenny

Adam 1


Night Light 2

It’s not a steal if you shop for it

Today is confession time; I need to share my moment of weakness with my blog followers. I could not resist this awesome belt from Ann Taylor. It was $5.88 on final sale. I couldn’t pass it up. So I purchased it; no returns, only regrets. I had this floral blouse in mind when I bought the belt. This belt will by no means add to my debt or damage my current financial status; however I broke my resolution by purchasing it. So I ask you: What should be my restitution for the violation?

night Light 3

Inspiration- Style Sight  

Grey and Blues- Ashen theme color Scheme

Ashen blue Grey s 13

{photo credit: http://stylesight.com}

My Outfit Description

Floral top- Ann Taylor Loft, Grey Stretch Pants- Ann Taylor, Necklace- Kholes, Belt (purchased)- Ann Taylor, Heels- Rocket Dog

Night Light


Gold 1

Hat Party
Today was my roomate’s birthday! We celebrated with a homemade cake, lots of candy, balloons and drinks at her favorite pub. Because of the insurance issues and for safety I did not drive the rental car out tonight. However, I am still ecstatic I have this spiffy little Volvo so I hopped up on the hood for a photo in the sunshine this afternoon. I have been waiting for an occasion to wear my gold cheetah print pleated skirt and this was the perfect night. Her party was themed “Hats off my Birthday” (hats required) so I paired the bucket hat with the ensemble for the evening.

gold 2

hat party
My Outfit Description
Gold Cheetah skirt- Jenny Han, Black Tank- Ann Taylor Loft, Pink Cardigan- Ann Taylor Loft, Black Ballet flats- Ann Taylor, Bucket hat (revisited)- Dress Barn, Black tights- Forever 21


Paint it floral 2

Paint it Floral

Last week, my car wouldn’t start so I’m in a little Volvo until the shop fixes the issues with my clunker. Today I was feeling like floral! I wanted to wear a fun outfit to zip around town in. Bright colors and floral always put me in a good mood, and I am on trend too! Again, I drove down Rodeo drive with but no trepidation this time. It is interesting how: a new outfit, car or haircut can give confidence. My school counselor gave me a piece of good advice last quarter; “if you are feeling unmotivated or uncreative when doing a project- paint your nails and try again”. Now my nails are always painted! Today in the new, clean rental car I had a self-assurance that came out in my outfit and my day. So if you ever struggle with self confidence, treat yourself or paint your nails and try again. It works for me!

Paint it floral 1

Inspiration: Alice and Olivia Resort 2013

Alice and Olivia Flower dress

{Photo Credit: http://style.com}                     

My Outfit Description

Silk Floral top- Jenny Han, Green Crop Pants- Ann Taylor Loft, Purple Sweater- Ann Taylor, Cream Flower Shoes- Report, Earrings- Charlotte Russe


honey bee 2

These Winter Days

As it goes during these winter days, the flu is spreading. I caught the bug and have been out of commission for a few days. It was difficult to be fashionable while curled up on the floor with body aches. Today was the breakthrough– my fever lifted and I finally felt able to wear more than a bathrobe. During one of my delusional NyQuil induced naps I had a dream that I was shopping again. It was marvelous! Until I went to the register with arms loaded to purchase; I saw obscure faces (my blog followers I presume) they were there persuading me to put away the clothes and scarves and leave behind the cuffs and bangles. Technically, if I shop in my dreams it does not count– but you will all be happy to know I did as instructed and walked out of the dream boutique empty handed. Today, I used my bright outfit to hit the streets again strong, SOS style.

honey bee 1

Inspiration: Atlantic and Pacific Blog

fneon 030

{Photo Credit: http://atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com}                          

My Outfit Description

Yellow Denim (revisited)- The Limited, Stripe Sweater- Ann Taylor, Blazer- Ann Taylor, Booties- Recycled from Roomie, Hairbow- Forever 21


rain and flowers 1

Rain and Rodeo Drive

I walked down Rodeo Drive today. I was dropping off some Valentino dresses borrowed for the magazine’s photo shoot.   I’m not going to lie, I felt wildly out of place; I tried to keep my head high but I wanted to hide under my bucket hat and click my combat bootie heels to take me home. When driving back to the office, I was stopped by an older man in a very nice car asking if I was an actress or I needed an agent. I have no idea if he says that to every girl who drives a beat-up Impala down Rodeo drive but it made me remember– everybody is a nobody in Hollywood, until they are somebody. Right now, I’m in progress.

rain and flowers 2

The boots are NEW, if you were wondering. I did not purchase them;  I exchanged a gift for these boots (and I had change leftover!) 

Inspiration: Street Style from Paris

Conservative floral dress with a RED cape!


{Photo Credit: http://honestlywtf.com}

Hat Style

hat style

{Photo Credit: http://WhoWhatWear.com}                

My Outfit Description

Dress- hand me down (from my mother!), Leggings- Ann Taylor, Hat- Dress Barn, Belt- White House Black Market, Booties- Arizona Jeans, Cardigan- Express Clothing, Lipstick- Avon