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Shoeless on Sunset Blvd

As I walked up to church in Hollywood on Sunday, I saw some fellow church attenders leaving the previous service without their shoes. I saw valiant acts of service where friends were carrying friends without shoes on their backs down Sunset Blvd. I knew they were a little creative at Mosaic church in their approach to serving God. However, I was wearing my favorite gold boating shoes and I quickly stopped in the middle of the cross walk and exclaimed “I will not give away my shoes” and considered going home before stepping foot in the building! God had different plans for me Sunday night- As we study the book Uprising in our service our pastor usually challenges us with 3 specific applications. Our topic this week was generosity and our application was to  leave your shoes to be given to a charity and go home barefoot. My suspicions were confirmed and in that moment I realized once more with particular clarity how materialism is such a stronghold in my life. Tearfully, I went to the front of the auditorium and laid down my shoes.



Outfit Description

Dress (revisited)- Forever 21, Purse- Kate Spade, Gold Boat Shoes- belong to another now

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