Letter Jacket 1

Letter woman

Today to class was the perfect day to bring my Letterman back out. Finally I have adequate time and space between my high school years and today to again make it cool to wear my letter jacket. At fashion school you can get away with almost anything (yesterday a girl in class was wearing an 1920’s style flying cap); so in my mind it is the perfect place to test new outfit ideas. On the way to class in a parking lot, a friend and I found an orange parking cone and had a blast shooting the photos with our ‘prop’. For me- my letter jacket brings back a certain nostalgia of home school track meets and planning high school dances that is particularly comforting in this intense last month of my studies at FIDM.

Letter Jacket 4

Inspiration- Glamour Magazine  

Letter Jacket Style

Letter Jacket Article_Glamour Magazine

{photo credit: Glamour Magazine, February 2013 issue}

My Outfit Description

Grey Ponte Pant- Ann Taylor, Cornflower flower button down- Ann Taylor, Pearl and Crystal Necklace- Ann Taylor, Letter Jacket- from high school

Letter Jacket 2


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