Shopping for a Bag

On a break from work I went on a stroll through the mall. (Never a great idea for a recovering shopaholic) I stocked up on See’s candy instead of clothes or shoes. However, I was hunting for something. I am in need of a professional looking computer bag. I have two internships and hopefully a design job lined up and I want to carry my laptop in a better looking sack than my rainbow Jansport backpack (albeit it’s wild and fun, professional doesn’t quite describe it). I spent much time looking and pondering bags.

Do you imagine yourself wearing an item to see if it fits your personality? I do! These shopping sessions tend to get me so invested in the item- I begin to think I can not live without it. So instead of buying a dozen bags and ending up with shopper’s remorse, I got a picture of three of the contenders and want your help! Let me know which one fits a design school graduate and my personal style!

Baby Bag Stitched Patent Tote

Coach Baby Bag- Black Embossed

Kate spade bag

Kate Spade- Pink and Black Tote

Cole Hann

Cole Haan -Purple Tote

Feel free to comment below! Thank you 🙂


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