Ann Taylor Girl

Today was a work and school day. I opened up shop at Ann Taylor this morning and ran to class afterward to review my project with my professor. I have a tendency to wear only Ann Taylor or LOFT clothing to work since my wardrobe is 50% AT product. This is so evident that some of my friends have begun to call me Ann Taylor. If there ever was an Ann Taylor, I’d like to think we’d be good friends. In class today I am designing a men’s collection but my professor seems unimpressed with my work. Designing and sketching are not my favorite parts of the program but I realize if I am to be offered the design job at Unlimited Designs I will quickly need to learn to love hand and computer sketching. I had a friend snap a photo of me inside the campus with a student project display and then on the 4th floor patio at school in the beautiful sunshine overlooking South Hope Park.

Inspiration- Ann Taylor   

Just call me Ann Taylor!

Inspiration AT AT Pant

{photo credit: http://anntaylor.com}

My Outfit Description

Capri Pant- Ann Taylor Loft, Top- Ann Taylor, Jacket- Ann Taylor, Scarf- Ann Taylor, Earrings- Ann Taylor, Boating Shoes- Steve Madden



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