Stranded at the Mall

Today was all about tow trucks and new accessories. My car wouldn’t start this morning and thus again my agenda was thrown off by the status of my transportation. Thankfully my insurance covers the towing; so while the clunker was being worked on at the shop I was stuck at the mall. I was dressed in a spotted skirt, black sweater and booties. It was hard not to shop during the long hours, but I managed only to purchase food and some magazines. Without shopping I was able to get two new accessories! I TRADED some clothes and bracelets to get the booties I am wearing. And I received a FREE cuff from BCBGeneration; they were having a ‘True Love’ braclet giveaway for their Facebook friends. Good things come to those who don’t shop! The car just needed a valve replacement and it was an easy fix- so tomorrow I will be back to my regularly scheduled madness. 🙂



Inspiration- Pinterest Style    


{photo credit: http:// pinterest.com/ebreitlow.com}

My Outfit Description

Skirt- BCBGeneration, Sweater- Dana Buchman , Cuffs- BCBGeneration, Booties- Ann Taylor, Tights- JCPenny, Rosary (revisted)- Forever 21



One thought on “2-17-13

  1. I want to hear the story how did you happen to trade for the booties? Did you start bardering with people who walked by lol?

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