Night Light 2

It’s not a steal if you shop for it

Today is confession time; I need to share my moment of weakness with my blog followers. I could not resist this awesome belt from Ann Taylor. It was $5.88 on final sale. I couldn’t pass it up. So I purchased it; no returns, only regrets. I had this floral blouse in mind when I bought the belt. This belt will by no means add to my debt or damage my current financial status; however I broke my resolution by purchasing it. So I ask you: What should be my restitution for the violation?

night Light 3

Inspiration- Style Sight  

Grey and Blues- Ashen theme color Scheme

Ashen blue Grey s 13

{photo credit: http://stylesight.com}

My Outfit Description

Floral top- Ann Taylor Loft, Grey Stretch Pants- Ann Taylor, Necklace- Kholes, Belt (purchased)- Ann Taylor, Heels- Rocket Dog

Night Light


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