honey bee 2

These Winter Days

As it goes during these winter days, the flu is spreading. I caught the bug and have been out of commission for a few days. It was difficult to be fashionable while curled up on the floor with body aches. Today was the breakthrough– my fever lifted and I finally felt able to wear more than a bathrobe. During one of my delusional NyQuil induced naps I had a dream that I was shopping again. It was marvelous! Until I went to the register with arms loaded to purchase; I saw obscure faces (my blog followers I presume) they were there persuading me to put away the clothes and scarves and leave behind the cuffs and bangles. Technically, if I shop in my dreams it does not count– but you will all be happy to know I did as instructed and walked out of the dream boutique empty handed. Today, I used my bright outfit to hit the streets again strong, SOS style.

honey bee 1

Inspiration: Atlantic and Pacific Blog

fneon 030

{Photo Credit: http://atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com}                          

My Outfit Description

Yellow Denim (revisited)- The Limited, Stripe Sweater- Ann Taylor, Blazer- Ann Taylor, Booties- Recycled from Roomie, Hairbow- Forever 21


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