Wall flower 1

More than a wallflower

Instead of studying or shopping this week I took photos outdoors! I had so much fun in the sun, sitting on this wall. I’m settling in to my school schedule, my work and my job search; this changing season warrants for transitional attire. When I wake up, it feels like winter outdoors. By midafternoon, I call it spring. I love floral all year round but most find it particularly acceptable during spring and summer. Lace is always a favorite of mine, and it is worn all year and heavily during holiday. So for a fun mix of color, pattern, and fabrics, I wore printed flower pants and a sheer lace blouse. You will see me wear both these pieces again in the upcoming winter and spring (maybe even summer) months. 

wall flower 2

wall flower

Stylesight Inspiration- Flowers are in style, it’s not just my crazy whims

s 13 nutopia sketcy florals

{Photo Credit: Stylesight.com/ Spring 2013 Nutopia theme}

My Outfit Description

Lace long sleeve blouse- Ann Taylor, Silk Crop Pants- Ann Taylor, Sunglasses- Target, Necklace- Disneyland, Flower flats- Ross


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