Backwoods 1

Back to Nature

Living and working in LA produces a plethora of fresh inspiration for any fashionista! When the streets are filled with artists and the walls are plastered with entertainment and events, the creative ideas come naturally. However sometimes my brain seems like it is on information-overload and I just want to sit in the park and not check twitter for a few hours. Today is one of those days I am reminded of the wealth I have in friends, opportunities and my faith. I dwell on the fact that “It is just fashion. It should always be a positive and fun experience for everyone involved. When it isn’t,  it’s time to meditate on all we have to be grateful for.” (GENLUX Magazine / Behind the scenes blog). This SOS experience has already proven to be more personally rewarding than I ever hoped; I know my growth will continue as long as I occasionally sit on a park bench for a moment and remember all God’s blessings.

Backwoods 2

Backwoods Mega trend -for early spring 2013

backwoods theme

{Photo Credit: Stylesight.com/ Personal creation}

My Outfit Description

Faux Fur Vest- Ann Taylor, Green Tunic dress- Ann Taylor, Black Denim (revisited)- Ann Taylor, Black ballet flats- Ann Taylor, Earrings- Charlotte Russe, Necklace- Kholes


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