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Fall is in the Air!

Spring and Fall are my two favorite seasons. During these months transformation is tangible, and to me change is magical and exciting! From day to day the weather is unpredictable; it may be a crisp 50 degree day like today or a sunshine-y 80 degree day like last week. We might rotate through what seems like all four seasons in one week, which provides many outfit opportunities! In honor of the changing weather and the pre-fall collections we are seeing on the runways, I dressed for fall on my first day back to school. For years I have been waiting to wear stripes and dots together! At a world class fashion school (where you find the harshest critics) I got only compliments. Finally, the time has come to break down barriers that once confined our wardrobes to certain colors and pieces for particular seasons. Here’s to fall in January!

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Stella McCartney -your line is inspirational

 stella-mccartney 1 stella-mccartney 2

Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

{Photo Credit: http://www.elle.com/runway/pre-fall}

My Outfit Description

Stripe Tee- Ann Taylor, Dot Skirt- Chaps, Blazer- Ann Taylor, Rosary (revisited) – Forever 21, Cuff (revisited)-BCBG Generation, Boots (revisited)- Kholes


One thought on “1-14-13

  1. Kelsey, I really like these outfits. You are an inspiration for me to wear something besides jeans ans tshirts and use more accessories.

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