If you miss the train I’m on

My sister had to travel over “500 miles away from home” to snap these photos at the Griffith Park Los Feliz train station. In an attempt to keep me away from malls, we were looking to do some hiking on her visit. We stumbled upon this adorable passenger train station. It is picturesque and functional! We didn’t have time to ride, but the spot is on my list to revisit with guests or just an afternoon release of my inner child! (If you are in the LA area and want to ride too, I posted the link below!) The conductor waived at us from the ticket booth as I sat on the fence, which was probably not intended for sitting –in my outfit probably not intended for hiking.



Music Inspiration: 500 miles / The Journeymen

My Outfit Description

Dress- Forever 21, Gabardine Vest- hand-me-down from Eve, Scarf- Express, Leggings- Ann Taylor, Boots- White Mountain, Cuff and Earrings- Trendz Boutique in NYC


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