insta ice 1

Glittery New Year

First day back to WORK of the New Year! I’m sure many people hate that first day back after the holidays, but I was so thrilled to get back to Ann Taylor Inc. My shift was super exciting; it started with catching up with co-workers and commenting on new haircuts, and ended with a mini photo shoot in the hallway. I work retail sales in a mall, which makes my New Year resolution even more difficult. The awesome thing about my work environment is that I am surrounded by a group of girl friends who allow me to try on, but not purchase, any merchandise. Meanwhile I get to wardrobe and style other women! These friends make me so glad to be back in LA to continue this SOS journey!

 On the floor insta ice

Goofing around insta ice

Wintry Wonderful Inspiration: Alice and Olivia 


{photo credit: http://nubry.com/}

My Outfit Description

Blazer- New York and Co., Sequin Tank- Express, Mint Denim- Ann Taylor, Necklace and Earrings- Ann Taylor, Suede Boots- Kholes


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