Daily Fashion Photo

airport 1

Traveling and Style

Some people love to travel in their pajamas. Personally I never understood why; pajamas are for bed and Ponte knit dresses are great for traveling! Secondly, one never knows whom they will meet in an airport. Passing through Denver I encountered a semi-popular rapper on a way to a gig. Women in pajamas were swooning all around me. Nevertheless, I understand the temptation. It was an early morning flight that brought me home to LA. My latte and my propriety forced me to wear the fuchsia knit dress and spotted cardigan as shown in the Daily Fashion Photo.

airport 2

Celebrities wear clothes too

While some celebrities don’t mind showing off their sleepwear, many arrive for flights well dressed. I don’t know why but animal print works well all year round inside flight terminals.

G airport style  Selena at the airport  Jessica alba at the airport

{Photo Credits: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/21/celebrity-airport-style}

My Outfit Description

Dress- New York and Company, Spotted Sweater- Ann Taylor, Necklace and Earnings- Target, Cheetah Duffle- Chinatown, Black boots (revisited)- Unity


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