Cavali 1

The Americana

The Americana has an atmosphere like Easter morning. The scene is fresh, beautiful and elevated. The peace that encompasses the area brightens my mood. Sinatra peppy tunes waft through crisp air matching time with the spray from the crystal blue fountain. The passenger train floats by with grandparents and children holding balloons. The couples sit on the fresh green expanse or at cafe tables sipping wine.

The Americana is one of my favorite places to hang out. It is considered one of the largest malls around Los Angeles. To you the mall may not be the most interesting place to hang out- but if you’re like me and you love music, crowds and window shopping you would quickly be in love!  After working across the street for over a year this lovely playground feels like home. Come catch a movie or just walk with me around the Americana. 

Inspiration – Just Cavali 

This luxury landscape deserved a luxury brand inspiration.

Just Cavalli green and black

Outfit Description 

Blouse- Antonio Milani, Harem pant- BCBG Generation, Shoes- Enzo Angiolini,Necklace-Kholes, Watch- Kenneth Cole

Cavali 2




Charm  School 101

Charm is something I pull out in appropriate situations. If used correctly, the person it is applied to cannot detect it; and goals get accomplished effortlessly. Charm can be defined as “the power of pleasing” by dictionary.com. Charm is often confused with manipulation or seduction; I like to think of it as extreme sweetness. Charm is what you use to get a job promotion, to get a discount on your auto repair or in my case get into the college of my choice. I like to think of charm as a full package service, and while charm is hard to teach; I can help you with how to dress! In every woman’s closet there should be a black blazer with an interesting interior lining and a strand of pearls, genuine preferably. This is your show-up-and-get-things-done wardrobe. When someone tells me something cannot be done and the goal seems impossible- I go to these staples in my closet. The power is in the details: pull your hair up in the most complimented style, roll up the ends of your sleeves once and match your blouse to the sleeve lining, wear color to add some fun to the suit jacket and don’t forget to smile continuously! Lastly follow the old adage “If at first you do not succeed: Try, try again”

My photos today were taken on the campus of Cal-State Fullerton after a brief meeting with the director of admissions who graciously grated me entrance to the university for Fall 2013.

Inspiration: Pearls and Stripes 

Pearls and Stripes well living blog

{photo credit: http://well-livingblog.com}

Outfit Description 

Black Blazer – traded with best friend, Stripe top- Ann Taylor, Pearls (revisited)- Kholes, Denim Crop- Ann Taylor, Flats- Ann Taylor



photo 2 (2)

Shoeless on Sunset Blvd

As I walked up to church in Hollywood on Sunday, I saw some fellow church attenders leaving the previous service without their shoes. I saw valiant acts of service where friends were carrying friends without shoes on their backs down Sunset Blvd. I knew they were a little creative at Mosaic church in their approach to serving God. However, I was wearing my favorite gold boating shoes and I quickly stopped in the middle of the cross walk and exclaimed “I will not give away my shoes” and considered going home before stepping foot in the building! God had different plans for me Sunday night- As we study the book Uprising in our service our pastor usually challenges us with 3 specific applications. Our topic this week was generosity and our application was to  leave your shoes to be given to a charity and go home barefoot. My suspicions were confirmed and in that moment I realized once more with particular clarity how materialism is such a stronghold in my life. Tearfully, I went to the front of the auditorium and laid down my shoes.



Outfit Description

Dress (revisited)- Forever 21, Purse- Kate Spade, Gold Boat Shoes- belong to another now

photo 1 (2)



Going Green and Gold

Cute and comfortable are always the criteria I dress to meet when I travel. Today I used my new laptop bag as the focal point of my outfit. (I did not purchase any of the bags I was considering on my blog post; instead I went to the outlet mall and purchased a gold tote at a much cheaper price). Gold is quickly becoming my favorite color. I am so glad metallic colors are not limited to only the holiday season anymore!  I can wear my gold watch and computer bag year round, now that’s thrifty! My travels took me all over the country and I was able to catch up with many friends in family all in on day! I started with breakfast with my bestie in the middle of West Texas, flew to lunch with my brother in Houston, TX, stopped for coffee in El Paso, TX, and ended with mother’s day dinner with my boyfriend’s family in Los Angeles, CA. And I spent the day all in one outfit! Going green while wearing green 🙂

Inspiration: Green and Gold

Green and Gold Atlantic to pacific

{photo credit: http://atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com}

Outfit Description: 

Tee (revisited)- Ann Taylor, Crop Pants- Gap, Necklace- Trendz Boutique, Purse- Kate Spade,  Computer Tote- Kenneth Cole, Boat Shoes (revisited)- White Mountain




Animal Print pants…. Out of control or On trend? 

((Spoiler Alert: I got these printed pants on special employee voucher at Ann Taylor, so they were purchased this year, but I allowed myself to break commitment for those particular items as it is important to the management that we dress the brand!)) No other employee in my store picked out these particular pants to purchase, everyone claimed they were too wild! Previously, I am sure some of you have heard me say I would never be caught dead in animal print or camouflage. I am sticking to my guns on camo, but recently I have become a fan of animal print. I believe there are ways to wear it that are not sleesy or cheesy. I like to wear my printed cheetah pants with a white or black top and occasionally a blazer. The fun thing about prints this spring and summer, is you can mix and match colors and patterns. I have a fushia blazer I love wearing with these teal pants and I don’t get any crazy looks! So if there are colors or patterns you swore you’d never wear- maybe start with one print/pattern or color that you haven’t been brave enough to try and add it to your normal wardrobe. You might be pleasantly surprised!


Outfit Description

Cheetah Pants- Ann Taylor, White Tee- Ann Taylor, Navy Blazer- Forever 21, Necklace- Forever 21, Bracelets- Trendz Boutique, Gold boat shoes (revisited)- White Mountain




Mint Madness

Mint seems to be a hit color for Spring so I am glad I picked up these pants at the end of last year. The only down side to mint clothing is the same as white clothing, it shows stains easily. During my car trouble days I was looking under the hood and suddenly my pants had black smudges all over. So I want to give my fellow fashionable mint wearers a few stain remover tips. I know there are some crazy remedies out there but I have used these and they worked for me:

Underneath-the-hood-of-your-car grease- Shout Wipe or Shout Stain Spray

French fries grease- Soak in dawn dish soap, launder normally

Blood- Peroxide

Make-up (not lipstick)- Soak in regular laundry detergent, Scrub!

Chewing gum- Rubbing alcohol

Lipstick- Soak in dawn dish soap, then blot clean with shout wipe

I wish you luck in your mint clothing this Spring 🙂


Wendys lookbook mint jeans pink topper Pastel jeans www

{photocredit: @wendyslookbook} {photo credit: whowhatwhere.com}

Outfit Description:

Mint Denim (revisited)- Ann Taylor, Blouse- Express, Pink Topper- Mixit, Booties (revisited)- Ann Taylor, Necklace- my creation




American Girl

I used to tie my hair up in ribbons and bows, and sign my letters with x’s and o’s- now I’m trying to make it in the working world.

I didn’t plan to make my schedule this way, but it turns out I work 7 days straight, most weeks. Thankfully I LOVE both my jobs and have part time shifts so I just end up doing lots of driving. I went downtown LA to Grand Park to make a grand statement. I wanted to take some pre-summer photos to show how excited I am for the beautiful weather and display my patriotism in the wake of the recent USA bombings. This American girl is happy to be a working girl.

Inspiration- X’s and O’s by Trisha Yearwood

My Outfit Description

Seguin top- Express, Maxi Skirt- Ann Taylor, Shoes- Dress Barn, Purse- Kate Spade






New Job, Old Jeans

Today I dressed for my first day on the job!! I work in the office of a LA garment factory; so pair of denim and a silk blouse is completely appropriate attire. My job description is not set in stone at this point; but it is amazing to see how directly my FIDM education has prepared me for this position. I work directly under the owner /technical designer and I already understand much of what she does. It is encouraging to know I am equipped to to keep up with the work at Unlimited Design Services. To understand more of what the company does- feel free to read the article posted this week in the Apparel News. The article describes how we are a part of bringing jobs back to the USA and creating ethical and humane working conditions in the LA garment industry.

Apparel News Article


I would appreciate if you leave feedback on the 3rd page of the article, under Comments!!!

My Outfit Description

Silk Blouse- Ann Taylor, Flower Denim (revisited)- Elle at Kholes, Shoes- Ann Taylor Loft, Necklace- borrowed from sister



red carpet 2

Red Carpet Affair

After a short hiatus from blogging to finish my studies at FIDM, find a job and a place to live; I am back at it! I love to start or finish important things with a party! Tonight I assisted Genlux Magazine, California’s only luxury fashion magazine launch their Spring/Bridal magazine at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills. This event was especially exciting for me as I was part of the team that styled the cover girl Jenna Elfman at the cover shoot last month. I spent most of that day running around town looking for the perfect bra to wear under a Valentino sheer blouse for one of the 6 outfit choices we had for Jenna. Thankfully my efforts paid off, and the bra made an appearance on the cover of the magazine. Tonight I brought a friend and we dressed in all black to assist the Art Director with running the event. At the end of the night we jumped on the red carpet for our photo!

Inspiration- Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina Dress

audrey sabrina dress

{photo credit: stealtheirstyle.co.uk}

My Outfit Description

Black Dress- White House Black Market, Belt- Borrowed from Jazmin, Headband- Forever 21, Necklace- Kholes, Ballet flats- Ann Taylor

red capet 1


Letter Jacket 1

Letter woman

Today to class was the perfect day to bring my Letterman back out. Finally I have adequate time and space between my high school years and today to again make it cool to wear my letter jacket. At fashion school you can get away with almost anything (yesterday a girl in class was wearing an 1920’s style flying cap); so in my mind it is the perfect place to test new outfit ideas. On the way to class in a parking lot, a friend and I found an orange parking cone and had a blast shooting the photos with our ‘prop’. For me- my letter jacket brings back a certain nostalgia of home school track meets and planning high school dances that is particularly comforting in this intense last month of my studies at FIDM.

Letter Jacket 4

Inspiration- Glamour Magazine  

Letter Jacket Style

Letter Jacket Article_Glamour Magazine

{photo credit: Glamour Magazine, February 2013 issue}

My Outfit Description

Grey Ponte Pant- Ann Taylor, Cornflower flower button down- Ann Taylor, Pearl and Crystal Necklace- Ann Taylor, Letter Jacket- from high school

Letter Jacket 2